About Synaptic Systems

— Tailor-made Antibodies and Tools for Life Science —

Synaptic Systems is the leading manufacturer of high quality antibodies for neuroscience and cell biology.  It was founded in 1997 by scientists of the Max-Planck Institute in Göttingen, Germany. They have since established their own fully equipped research laboratory which allows for product refinement and the development of new antibodies. To date, Synaptic Systems offers one of the largest collections of antibodies against synaptic and neuroscience related proteins and a growing panel of antibodies for cell biology, histopathology, and high resolution microscopy. Many of these antibodies have established themselves as reference products with numerous, high impact publications.

The range of products offered by SySy include Primary and Secondary Antibodies, FluoTags, Control Proteins, Tissue Lysates, mCLING membrane probes and Affinity Resins.

Synaptic Systems are dedicated to supporting cutting-edge science with the most trustworthy antibody products. They develop and produce all antibodies in-house and thoroughly test their products in cooperation with leading partners in the scientific field.

Extensive Range of Antibodies

Synaptic Systems’ range includes quality antibodies for:

Active zone Glia proteins Neuropeptides & peptide hormones
Alzheimer’s related proteins Glutamatergic neurons Neurotransmitter transporters
Astrocytes Glycinergic neurons Noradrenergic neurons
Axonal initial segment Golgi Oligodendrocytes
Axons Histaminergic cells/neurons Post-synapse
Basement membrane HistoSure human pathology Post-synaptic density
Basophils/mast cells HistoSure mouse pathology Post-synaptic proteins
B-cells HistoSure xenografts Pre-synapse
Blood brain barrier Immune cells Pre-synaptic proteins
Calcium binding proteins Inhibitory neurons Proliferating cells
Calcium binding proteins Intermediate filaments Protein-tags and reporters
Cell adhesion proteins Ion channels Receptor proteins
Cellular Compartments Loading controls RNA modifications
Cholinergic neurons Lysosomes Schwann cells
Covid-19 Macrophages Serotonergic neurons
Cytoskeleton & associated proteins Microfilaments SNARE associated proteins
Dendrites Microglia SNARE proteins
Dendritic cells Microtubuli snRNPs
Dendritic spines Mitochondria Synaptic adhesion proteins
Dopaminergic neurons Neuroepithelial cells Synaptic vesicles
Endocytosis Neuronal activity T-cells
Endoplasmic reticulum Neuronal cell type markers Transcription factors
Endosomes Neuronal development Vesicle associated proteins
Endothelial cells Neuronal development
Extracellular matrix Neurons general
For any enquiries about the Synaptic Systems range, please do not hesitate to contact us at Focus Bioscience, SySy’s distributor in Australia.

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