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Recombinant Proteins
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Generation of reproducible kidney organoids
Description: Cells extracted from mouse kidney tissues. Organoid beads are cultured supplement with Noggin (HY-P7086), R-spondin 1 (HY-P7114), FGF-4 (HY-P7014), FGF-basic (HY-P7066), SB-431542 (HY-10431), CHIR-99021 (HY-10182). The size, shape, and composition of the kidney organoids are highly reproducible.
Regulation of (myo) fibroblast differentiation and activation
Description: Primary mouse pulmonary fibroblasts are treated with TGF-β1 (HY-P7117) to induce (myo) fibroblastic differentiation. The mRNA levels of PTPN13 and NOX4 in the (myo) fibroblasts are significantly elevated after treated, accompanied by an increase in the expression of the (myo) fibroblast marker protein α-SMA.
High Purity
2 μg of human BMP-2 is resolved with SDS-PAGE under reducing (R) and
non-reducing (N) conditions.
Superior Biological Activity
GM-CSF, human stimulates cell proliferation of TF-1 cells with an ED50 of less than 0.5 ng/mL.
Excellent Lot-to-Lot Consistency
The ED50s of MCE VEGF165, human from three different Lots are similar.
Activity Comparison
The ED50 of VEGF165, human from MCE’s each lot is less than of Competitor P.
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