MCE Bioactive Compound Libraries
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This promotion includes all MCE ready-to-use Bioactive Compound Libraries and Customized Libraries.
Valid time: 9/15/2021-12/31/2021.
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– Want to conduct mechanism research ?
– Want to identify new targets ?
– Want to discover new drugs ?
– Want to conduct drug repurposing ?
– Want to accelerate research process ?
– Want to reduce research cost ?

– MCE compound libraries would enable your success.
100+ Bioactive Compound Libraries
HY- L022
FDA-Approved Drug Library
(2,400+ Compounds)
HY- L021
Natural Product Library
(3,000+ Compounds)
HY- L001
Bioactive Compound Library
(11,000+ Compounds)
HY- L009
Kinase Inhibitor Library
(2,000+ Compounds)
HY- L026
Clinical Compound Library
(1,400+ Compounds)
HY- L032
Fragment Library
(15,000+ Compounds)
HY- L036
Covalent Screening Library
(1,400+ Compounds)
HY- L052
Anti-COVID-19 Library
(1,500+ Compounds)
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Customized Libraries Promotion
Customize the Library Based on Your Needs:
You can select:
Quantities Plate Map Concentration Form (Dry / Solid or
Our Advantages
Diverse Product Categories:
13,000+ Bioactive Compounds and 15,000+ Fragment Compounds can be selected based on your specific needs.
Perfect Product Management System:
The preparation is automated and all products can be traced.
Powerful Data Management System:
Each product is supplied with detailed bioactivity information and physico- chemical properties.
Rigorous Classification Criteria:
Based on a large number of literatures and authoritative database analysis, we set accurate classification standards for each library.
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