About Abiocode

Abiocode was founded in California in late 2008 by scientists who understand the importance of high quality reagents for biomedical research. The long-term goal of the company is to apply innovative techniques and approaches to design and produce reagents and assay systems that are of high quality and cost-effective for the research community.

Abiocode is currently focused on high-throughput antibody production. Their goal is to produce at least two distinct antibodies that can specifically recognize two different regions of a protein, whenever possible.  Abiocode believes that the availability of such antibody pairs will be important for proteomics research and for study validation.

Abiocode is also in the process of developing antibody arrays and ELISA kits for disease diagnosis and basic research.  In addition, we are committed to explore and develop novel techniques that will improve the overall quality and efficiency of scientific research.


Abiocode vPair Antibodies

vPair antibodies are a pair of fully characterised antibodies that recognise two different regions of a target protein.  The antibody pairs were developed by Abiocode to address whether the signal observed truly represents the protein of interest, an often encountered issue in antibody-based assays.  The use of a pair of fully characterised vPair antibodies in the same assay can validate signal specificity since vPair antibodies recognise two independent epitopes of the same protein.  Different sets of vPair antibodies have been developed to work with specific applications, including antibody arrays, Western blot, IP-Western, ChIP, IHC, and FACS.