About Abcore

Abcore is a worldwide leader in nanobody discovery, antibody production, and a full-service antibody CRO.  They have our own animal facilities, and all work is 100% based in the USA.  Abcore offer the following services:

Antibody Discovery
  • Nanobody Discovery
  • Immunized Antibody Phage Libraries
    • Custom Llama Nanobody Discovery
    • Custom Alpaca Nanobody Discovery
  • Naïve Antibody Phage Libraries
    • Naïve Llama Nanobody Phage Library
    • Naïve Alpaca Nanobody Phage Library
Custom Antibody Production
  • Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production
    • Custom Rabbit Antibody Production
    • Custom Goat Antibody Production
    • Custom Sheep Antibody Production
  • Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production
    • Ascites Production
CRO Services
  • Nanobody Discovery
  • Nanobody Phage Display
  • Phage Library Panning
  • Phage Library Screening
  • Nanobody Expression and Purification
  • Nanobody Humanization
  • Nanobody Cell Binding
For any enquiries about the Abcore range, please do not hesitate to contact us at Focus Bioscience.