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Full range of epitope antibodies, internal control antibodies with different conjugates, phospho-specific and featured methylation-specific antibodies, diverse range of secondary antibodies, protein purification reagents and more.

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Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies from rabbit, chicken, lama and goat host species.  Available pre-conjugated to 22 different tags. Secondary antibodies, blocking peptides and serums.

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Supplier of contract services for research & development, screening and assay development. Manufacturer of Antibodies, Immune Checkpoint and Recombinant proteins, tissue microarrays, cell lines and research kits.

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Absolute Antibody logo

Absolute Antibody

Production of sequenced and engineered antibodies for the research and diagnostic markets. Absolute Antibody offers a range of recombinant antibody engineering services including chimerization, humanization, isotype switching and reformatting.

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Mammalian cell-based recombinant proteins and cytokines, immune checkpoint proteins, biotinylated proteins, biomarkers and CD antigens, FC receptors and more.

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Cell Biolabs logo

Cell Biolabs

Comprehensive range of cell based assays and reagents, viral expression and purification kits, oxidative stress assays, microRNA analysis, metabolism research assay and reagents, stem cell research, cell signalling and protein biology reagents, and more.

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Everest Biotech

Everest Biotech

Anti-peptide and antigen affinity purified polyclonal goat antibodies for biomedical research.

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Finetest logo

Fine Test

ELISA Kits, related ELISA assistant reagents, high quality antibodies, recombinant proteins and cells.

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GeneDirex logo


Wide range of high quality molecular biology reagents, including DNA and protein ladders, gel staining reagents, nucleic acid purification systems, PCR and qPCR enzymes, lab consumables and more.

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ichorbio logo


The largest supplier of research grade biosimilars and in vivo antibodies for research; ichorbio antibodies have lower endotoxin, higher purity and lower aggregation than other antibodies currently available on the market.

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Provide an extensive range of high quality small-molecules (inhibitors, agonists, modulators), as well as novel life-science reagents, reference compounds, APIs and natural compounds for laboratory and scientific use.

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Have assembled a robust protein portfolio crucial to life science research, and are focused on making thousands of recombinant proteins accessible while providing excellent quality at affordable prices.

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Synaptic Systems logo

Synaptic Systems

The supplier for high quality and unique antibodies for neuroscience and cell biology and related applications. Their antibodies are well characterised and used as reference products in numerous, high impact publications.

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