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Anti-HA Magnetic Beads


MCE Anti-HA Magnetic Beads are used for immunoprecipitation (IP) of specific HA-tagged proteins expressed in bacterial and mammalian cells and in vitro expression systems.

Deacetylase Inhibitor Cocktail (100× in 70% DMSO)


Deacetylase Inhibitor Cocktail is a synergistic combination of chemicals designed to preserve the acetylation state of proteins.

Magnetic Stand


The MCE Magnetic Stand is optimized for efficient magnetic separation of all types of MCE Magnetic Beads with sample volumes ranging from 10 μL to 15 mL.

Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail I (100X in DMSO)


Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail I effectively inhibits alkaline phosphatases and serine/threonine protein phosphatases such as PP1 and PP2A.

Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail II (100X in ddH2O)


Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail II effectively inhibits acid and alkaline phosphatases as well as protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs).

Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail III (100X in DMSO)


Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail III effectively inhibits serine/threonine and alkaline phosphatases.

Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (EDTA Free, 100X in DMSO)


Protease inhibitor cocktail EDTA free is used in cell lysates or tissue extracts to increase protein stability.

Protease Inhibitor Cocktail, mini-Tablet (EDTA-Free)


Protease inhibitor cocktail (mini tablet) is used in cell lysates or tissue extracts to increase protein stability.

Protein A/G Magnetic Beads


Protein A/G Magnetic Beads provide a fast and convenient method for Immunuoprecipitaion and Co-Immunoprecipitation and Chromatin Immunoprecipitation.